Sales Automation & Customer Relationship Management – A Deadly Duo in Action

When sales automation software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) work in synchronization, you will definitely see a smoother lead generation, appropriate streamlining of processes, and a significant enhancement of your overall business assets. In my experience ,within 6 months you will see a 10% improvement in sales simply by implementing a integrated system rather that the ‘’bits and pieces approach’’ I see in most SME’s with resulting chaotic sales processes. What would an extra 10 % sales mean to you in your business?

Sales Automation Software

Nowadays, both small-sized businesses or big enterprises having hundreds of global products have started adopting sales automation software to eliminate many of the necessary but time-consuming tasks of selling. Many of the companies encounter obstacles in the form of fragmented customer data, an expanding customer base, more complex products, increased competition, higher customer expectations, longer sales cycles and an expanding sales force. A centralized, automated business solution built specifically for sales professionals can eradicate much of the boring, background work freeing up salesperson to do what they do best – sell your company’s offerings.

In fact, research firm Aberdeen Group determined best-in-class adopters of sales force automation (sales automation software) systems saw their deals increase in size by an average of 27%. In addition, these top sales automation software adopters decreased the sales cycle by 16% and cut the time-to-quota by 15%, the report found. Using sales automation software systems, these organizations’ customers’ revenue – and, therefore, buying power – grew 26%, while their sales administrative time was slashed by 14%, Aberdeen Group reported.

With many sales automation software solutions and Customer Relationship Management system available, ranging from software as a service to in-house systems, from complex solutions to out-of-the-box applications, it’s important to find the right software solution for your business model. But regardless of the technology you ultimately select, sales automation software should deliver most, if not all, of the following benefits:

Key Features you should be looking when choosing a CRM:

1. Streamline processes for the sales team

Sales automation software lets you define a sales process, implement it, and layout the process to the entire sales team to follow that process, this way there remains no room for error. It’s also a way to get ‘’best practice ‘’ systemized and distributed throughout your team , thus raising the bar in sales conversions and giving a consistent experience to your marketplace.

2. Organize your sales cycle

Through sales automation software, it is possible to break your sales cycle into stages such as leads, prospects, and opportunities and define tasks to send automated e-mail follow-ups to complete each stage. Managers can be notified if leads are not converted on time.

3. View all communication in one place

Sales automation software acts as a centralized database that stores the complete history of calls, emails, contacts, deals, files, and upcoming tasks and appointments. When a salesperson requires it, he can view the entire lead history with the press of a button. A single navigation screen that holds all the communication in one place.

I use SOFFRONT because I find its features can be individually customized to suit your business, be it big or small. Soffront has already built-in capability to scale as you scale . Also, the features are built so constructively that you will feel its need in your everyday lifestyle, and not only it streamlines your sales process, but you can also:

  • View pending and overdue tasks in one place
  • Make accurate forecasts on your sales pipeline
  • Integrate Microsoft Outlook and Google apps to synchronize calendar and activities

…and many more.

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