Qualities of being a good leader

Many business owners, directors and executives acknowledge when they have an issue with their leadership skills but often aren’t aware of how to fix the issues. With my coaching skills as well as these tips, I can ensure you that you’ll be on the right track to being the best leader you can be!

Become a role model for your employees – Give your employees a reason to aspire you. Provide a positive and healthy working environment with appropriate behaviour and the atmosphere will transfer across the team and your team will appreciate you. Treat your employees how you’d like to be treated yourself.

Teamwork – If you have a success, share it as a team and not as an individual; This way, your team feel appreciated too and spreads the positive attitude. Be polite to your employees and don’t blame others for any of your own mistakes so accept responsibility and apologise swiftly and appropriately.

Communicate effectively – Don’t leave your employees and even clients or customers to presume anything; Communicate and inform them of anything they need to know. Give your employees attention and listen and act on anything they say or do and guide them to be better employees and they’ll appreciate the support. Make notes and remember what has been said so that your team aren’t getting frustrated and repeating themselves constantly.

Trust others around you – Whilst you may need to maintain a clear difference between positions, trust colleagues around you and get their input on any ideas about the business. Many executives will be the sole decision maker but it’s important and crucial to get many opinions on your thoughts and receive feedback.

Show passion and creativity – Passion and creativity for your work reflects on your colleagues and boosts their productivity as well as your own. Allow your employees to express and discuss their ideas to create a collaborative working environment. Creativity also allows your passion to come out more for the work you do so your employees will become more dedicated to their job.

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