External factors that can determine an executive’s performance

There’s a lot of factors that an executive has to consider within their business that are external and out of their control. Whilst there’s nothing that can be done, these factors have to be monitored and the business may have to change their strategy depending on the circumstances.

The economy is one of the biggest and most important external factors that an executive must control and assess. Any financial change heavily impacts customers spending habits and an executive must be prepared to change their costings to match the changes. Long term planning in an unstable economy can be very difficult and an executive can struggle to effectively plan for the future. I can help you plan for the future taking into considerations the current financial climate with my strong experience as a qualified accountant, supporter to an entrepreneur and an international executive.

There’s often times when a business will be incredibly busy with the amount of business that they have and an executive can struggle to control the workload as well as assess the strategy and create plans for the future allowing the business to potentially become out of control. With my coaching, you won’t have to worry about managing everything at once – I’ll take some of the pressures off your hands.

My use of psychometric tests within my coaching allows me to get a thorough and accurate understanding of an executives personal and business mindset. As a result, I can relate better to the executive to give them more helpful coaching and advice.

Businesses can often face changes in culture within their business when other senior members of staff may not agree or work collaboratively. Often this is simply a personal issue with the employee that the executive can’t control but can certainly support and help to ensure that the team work together to achieve the best results.

Hiring new staff can be both an exciting and challenging process but it can be a difficult time for an executive to decide which candidate would be the best for their business. With my help, I can ensure that the whole recruitment process goes as smoothly as possible for you and that you hire the best and most talented employees.

As an executive, you are ultimately responsible for your brand image and the customer service of the business should be a high priority and concern for you; despite you often not being able to control it. Your business may have an employee who is regularly a poor performer and is heavily impacting the customer service rates of your business. With my Executive Coaching, we can make sure that the performance score is improved and all your employees understand and implement the high level of customer service that your business and customers deserve.

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