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Business coaching I walk with you on your business journey, bridging the gap between a coach and a mentor, asking you questions but giving you advice and solutions if that’s what you need.

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Executive coaching Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth, improved performance and contentment.

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Coaching clubs My coaching clubs are a great way to access professional support for your business while building a network of like-minded and aspirational business owners.

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Business CoachingI walk with you on your business journey,
bridging the gap between a coach and a mentor.

I see small business from a big business perspective, because every big business started out as a small business.

I walk with you on your journey, bridging the gap between where you are today and where you want to get to by providing practical solutions and frameworks to help you find your own answers. Occasionally I will ‘’step-in’’ and give you more of a nudge! This truly is a perfect business relationship as your success is my success and I will always be 100% committed to supporting you and your family’s dream of the future.

If you’re looking for business support you probably relate to at least three of these things:

  • Working too many hours
  • Spending more time in your business than on it
  • Unsure of your strategy
  • Feeling you’re better than this
  • Keen to build a high-performing team
  • Letting yourself off when you miss a target
  • Lost touch with the reason you started your business and the passion you once had
  • Feel you should know what to do but can’t see the wood for the trees
  • You should be making more money

My SME clients see an average Return on Investment of 300%, so let me illuminate the issues within your business and help you find a vivid focus on tackling them.

What season is your business in? Nothing stands still and, like the seasons, businesses and the environment is constantly changing. I help identify which season your business is in, and what actions you need to take as a result. You need to prepare a new 12 month plan, revisit your long term strategy and your marketing plan.

I use my skills, experience and zeal to help you create permanent Summer for your business by illuminating the areas that need work. I hold up a mirror to you, so you can truly see how you and your business are performing, and what needs to change to take it to the next level.

Autumn The harvest needs gathering and you have to prepare for winter. The ground is getting harder. You need to prune the dead wood, protect the tender shoots of growth and make ready for your next spring. You have to adapt your business to the reality of local, national and international markets.

Winter If you are not prepared for a winter it can be an extremely cold, dark, unfriendly place and hard to get through. So, if you haven’t made provision for a winter e.g. you’re up to your overdraft, suffered bad debts because of poor credit control, a large order you were expecting didn’t materialise, then on top of all that a winter storm arrives and a key person in the company leaves. In this season you should re-visit your vision, repair systems, create new ones and learn. You need to assess the resources required for the seasons ahead, but also spend time on yourself, re-engineering your mind, reflecting, and adjusting your attitude so you are ready for the work your new Spring will inevitably bring.

Spring brings shoots of growth, things are starting to change. You should be taking massive action on marketing and sales, and on getting your message out to the marketplace, consistently and repeatedly. You should always be sowing seeds, even though some will fall on stony ground.

Summer things are easy, abundant even, and it’s warm; an altogether more pleasant place to be. It’s a season to reap what you’ve sown. Remember to set money aside for future investment, save, be philanthropic and give away some of your rich rewards, but also enjoy time with your loved ones.

We start by sitting down together and defining the pathway to your brightness of future for you and your family. Then I work with you to build a business system that will attract the right people to deliver the results you planned. After all, your business is the vehicle to providing you with a better life. I bridge the gap using ActionCOACH’s proven 6 Steps Solution Framework. Whatever season you are currently experiencing, I can help you focus on the right actions. Call me for your one-to-one season review.

A variety of business coaching

There are a number of ways to access my coaching.

FREE coaching I offer a free introductory 1-2-1 session to assess your suitability for coaching and to give you options for the right coaching support most appropriate for you, depending on the season you’re in.Book free coaching
90 day planning Try my 90-day planning session, where you’ll spend a day getting your three-month plan together, as well as sharing your challenges, experiences and successes with other business owners.Sign up for 90 day planning
GUARANTEE My 1-2-1 coaching has a minimum three-month commitment, but also comes with a guarantee. If you don’t “find my fee” in your business within 17 sessions, I’ll coach you for free until you guarantee

Or if you want something more regular you could join one of my Coaching Clubs, delivered by my trusted associates. Click here to learn more about them.

Executive CoachingI work with leaders in medium and large businesses
to improve performance.

Are your people not performing? Is there a gap between how the business is doing and where it should be? Do you know what the heart of your business is and are your people aligned to it? Are you nurturing the next generation of leaders? Are you an executive short on time but in major need of support?

I work with leaders in medium and large businesses to improve performance. That could be business performance, personal performance or a mixture of both. I look at your challenges from a fresh perspective, identifying the gaps and helping you create strategies to bridge them.

In my corporate career – spanning periods in manufacturing, retail, distribution and professional services – I was a pioneer of management buyouts, added significant value to businesses while preparing them for sale and worked with the board members including a Government minister and US ambassador.

My first-hand experience means I can empathise with your challenges, making me ideally placed to unlock the potential of your people. Together we achieve this through a bespoke programme of coaching, workshops and insight, empowering them to be the best they can be, and then adding that energy and vigour to their working life.

How can I help you?

From coaching sales teams to working 1-2-1 with business leaders, I will put together a bespoke programme for your business, based around ActionCOACH’s four proven executive coaching strategies:

  • Fit 4 Leadership – equipping you for the modern challenges of leadership, because today’s leaders need skills and knowledge that yesterday’s did not
  • Fit 4 Teams – places an emphasis on development of the team leader, the development of leadership teams and the performance, effectiveness and execution of the team’s operations
  • Fit 4 Strategy – helping you confidently juggle the need for strategy with the need for delivery and equipping you with the skills to adapt when the unexpected happens
  • Fit 4 Action – bridging the execution gap that’s holding you back from achieving the results you are capable of, this results-focused coaching ensure you not only set goals, but take the action necessary to deliver against them

As an outsider I help you identify gaps and work with you to bridge them. I bring a unique perspective and am not afraid to confront the difficult issues that may have been hiding under the surface.

My mixture of coaching skills, corporate experience and ActionCOACH tools means I am uniquely able to put in place solutions that make a tangible difference to performance.

Using ActionCOACH’s system of 13 leadership behaviours and attitudes I help your leaders understand how they are performing and their impact on others.

My coaching can be delivered face-to-face, or by phone, Skype or webinar, making the most efficient use of your time.

The unexpected (but not unintended) consequences of executive coaching

Executive coaching isn’t just about personal development. Clients realise much more value on top of that, which has included:

  • Finding the heart of your business – Does your business need a heart transplant? Some people call it your USP, but I call it your heart. What is the special thing about your business that your people can align to and that will make your customers come back, time after time?
  • Securing your leadership pipeline – It’s important to identify the talent within your business so you have a secure leadership pipeline – because no one is going to work forever and successful businesses need great leaders. I’ll work with you to find your future leaders and put a plan in place to support them.
  • Understanding your team’s chemistry – I use Disc profiling to help you understand both you and your team’s behaviour at work leading to better-performing, happier teams. Understanding the balance of people within your business can help with decisions about recruitment, growing the next generation of leaders and can inspire confidence, leaving the senior team free to concentrate on the strategic, rather than the micro environment.
Talk to me about how my executive coaching could help your business by calling 07801 612889
Coaching ClubsIf you want something more regular you can join one of my
Coaching Clubs, delivered by key members of my team.

99% of people who drive have had lessons, but very few people who run a business have done the same. Draw your own conclusion about whether there’s a link with the large proportion of failed SMEs.

The fastest way to learn how to do something well is to get expert tuition – even more important if the skill you need is complex, ever-changing and the rules aren’t actually written down anywhere.

My coaching clubs are a great way to access professional support for your business while building a network of like-minded and aspirational business owners.

Held fortnightly and using ActionCOACH’s proven six-step business improvement model, the clubs are for committed and aspiring business owners and will help you build your business, catapulting you to the next level of success, whatever your starting point.
You can join at any time, and the course covers a year-long curriculum which will challenge you to understand, reflect, refine and refocus, leaving you energised and in control of your business.

We don’t just do coaching, we also do business. So you’re not only getting the benefit of the team’s expertise, but also making valuable, trustworthy contacts to add to your network, while perhaps picking up new business at the same time.

Coaching club locations

Kingdom 90 Day Planning

St Marks Church

5 th October 2018 Friday

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GrowthCLUB: Group 90-Day Planning

New Year Business Resolution? You will need a plan…. one that you can stick to and act upon! Discover how to increase sales, invest your time more effectively and implement better business systems.

Weetwood Hall

Monday 2nd October 2017
9.00am - 3.30 pm (Registration from 8.30 am)

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