4 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Business Goals

Business goals are an effective tool to give you and your team focus and momentum and sends a message to the Universe that you are serious about your business and it’s more than a hobby.

They are composed from:

  • Something that should be achieved. For example, the goal is increasing sales.

  • The time during which it must be achieved. For example, the goal is increasing sales in the next year.

  • Some form or means that will indicate you whether it is achieved. For example, the goal is 20% increasing in sales in the next year.

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) Businesses work in a very practical ‘’here and now’’ environment. Setting unrealistic goals will not only hamper your growth but degrade your overall situation. If you feel that you’ve set unrealistic goals, you can always tone it down based on the grounds of reality. For example reduce your sales target growth it to 15% instead of 500%. The world of business is filled with ‘’Gee Whizz’’ plana that were ‘’pipe dreams’’. In this way your goals will be much more realistic and achievable and also at the same time be improve and grow your Business’s current performance so you can make it a focus to align the efforts of both you and your team

Traditional goal setting – Left brain

  • Intellectually sound

  • IQ Basis

  • Logical

  • Risk averse

  • Incremental

  • Transactional

There is an exception here though:

Some goals are termed as courageous, they defy the normal thought-process and just aim to take your business to the next level. Let’s consider combining left and right brain in our plans.

Courageous goal setting – Right brain

  • Excitement

  • Fear

  • Inspiration

  • Imagination

  • Wonder

  • Adventure

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3 Characteristics of Courageous Goals

1. They Are Outrageous – the first reaction to a courageous goal should be ‘’that’s impossible’’.

here the notion is that – Nothing is Impossible, no matter how outrageous the idea, with the correct planning it is achievable.

2. They Are Frightening –the second reaction should be: ’’Even if it were possible, it would frighten the life of me to commit to it.

Here the notion implies – fear should not be sensed but understood. In our short span of life, many frontiers and dreams are suppressed by fear. We all should rise above it.

3. They Are Transformative – the third reaction should be: ’’If we did this then my whole world and our whole organization will have changed in a way that I cannot imagine right now’’.

this notion teaches us the art of calculated risk-taking and explore our opportunities.

Some dreams are worth chasing despite their obstacles. It teaches us to be courageous.

Consider the above example: increasing sales in future. For how much we will need to increase the sales? In which time we will need to increase the sales? That is very important and imperative as a goal. If you are not focusing on that, then you probably don’t know what to achieve and how to achieve it.

Power Of Written Goals: There are many proven scientific records that if you put something to paper, it has a greater chance of converting into reality. 3 % with written goals had 10 times the wealth of the remaining 97% combined after 10 years. Also see the book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini

So make it a point to write your emotionally based, SMART business goals on paper, then, your commitment rate will increase exponentially and significantly increase the chance of making your ideas and dreams materialise.

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