How Do I Create My Business Plan and Model  ?



  1. One of your key success drivers for you and your business is your ability to LEVERAGE yourself through Systems and People. In order  to do this effectively ,  a well thought out business model and plan will enable you to identify BLIND SPOTS and  communicate and attract both the PEOPLE  and RESOURCES  critical to your success.
  2. A written Business Plan will ENROL and INSPIRE your team, especially if they have been involved in putting the plan together
  3. Your Business Plan will give both ENERGY and FOCUS to your team
  4. Your Business Plan is your management tool to ensure everyone is working on the right things and you are STAYING ON TRACK.
  5. If you want to grow your business, your Business Plan the BLUEPRINT FOR GROWTH. As Philip Orsini wrote; “Companies don’t fail because they grow. They fail because they don’t plan their growth.”
  6. Your Business Plan enables each of your team members understand and know their roles and responsibilities and expectations of day to day performance and enhances ACCOUNTABILITY
  7. Your Business Plan is the basis for your PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD and daily, weekly, monthly progress checking.

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